Your Local Left Team In Wright


I am passionate about social justice and holding our politicians to account. I believe that we need to focus on social equality for all, jobs we can count on and a federal ICAC. I am passionate about quality health care and education. I want to be a conference delegate and represent our local area so I can champion progressive reform within the party.



The last three decades have seen the erosion of Government public services and the outsourcing of much service delivery to companies which are gaming the system and wasting public funds. I’m part of the local Left Team because I know that it will take genuinely progressive policies to ensure we halt the creeping privatisation of key government roles and services. I believe in a strong public service that can give frank and fearless advice and generate the best possible policies for Queensland. Only by giving branch members the best possible opportunity the contribute to the policy process in our party can we ensure that Labor is responsive to the needs, views and expertise of our members into the future.



As a proud unionist who strongly believes in collective bargaining to get the best outcomes for working families, I am passionate about social justice. We need a party that addresses the issues that people face in regional Queensland as well as people in our Metropolitan areas. I believe I can be a strong voice at state conference and I Iook forward to working with you to ensure we maintain the policies that reflect our values and deliver for all Queenslanders.