Your Local Left Team In Ryan


I am running as a part of your local progressive team for state conference to pursue opportunities that allow me to combine my passion for improving the state of the arts in Queensland, with my passion for progressive policies on the environment and social justice. In recent years our party has made inroads into issues I am passionate about: the environment; LGBTIQ issues; assisted dying reform; and trying for a more compassionate refugee policy. There’s still more to do, and the best way to democratise the party, and to push a progressive policy agenda, is for members to support their local progressive team for state conference. If I am selected to represent you again at state conference, I will continue to support polices that are socially progressive, fair and environmentally responsible.



As the daughter of two Irish immigrants, I inherited a passion for social justice, equity, fairness and most importantly maintenance of dignity and integrity. Since becoming the mother of an amazing little fellow with additional needs I have become more determined to advocate for high quality healthcare and support services. I have also been privileged to be employed in State and Federal public service positions, which have allowed me to advocate for the vulnerable and marginalised. I am committed to honest and progressive representation for Labor members in our beautiful inner west area. It would be my honour and privilege to represent you as a State Conference delegate.



I joined the Labor party 17 years ago because I wanted to be a member of the party that achieves progressive change, making the lives of all Australians better and fairer. It is the only progressive party in Australia that can win elections at both the State and Federal levels. Last year I was elected as the Ryan FEC President, my key aim in this important role is to prepare Labor locally and put it on an election ready footing through actively fundraising, recruiting new party members and putting in place systems and processes to allow for a modern campaign to be run in Ryan at the next election. I was elected in 2014 as a State Conference Delegate for Ryan, since being elected I have worked hard to achieve a number of key wins for our party at recent conferences including: • reinforcing an end to sand mining on Stradbroke Island • reforming State Conference rules to ensure a true branch and union representation • enacting parity in preselections with a 50% quota for women • backing Queensland jobs under a new procurement strategy, and • progress toward voluntary assisted dying legislation



During the dark years of the Newman government, I realised that for my young children to grow up in a Queensland that reflected my values, I had to get to work to make it happen. Becoming involved with Labor has been the best decision of my life so far. As the campaign director for the 2016 Ryan campaign, I doorknocked and phoned thousands of Ryan residents, and in 2017 I ran as Labor’s state candidate for Maiwar. While we didn’t get over the line in the end, our grassroots campaign introduced Labor's progressive values to a generation of new activists. On the ground, I heard what many of us know. That people are concerned about a good education for their kids, high quality healthcare and strong environment policies for the future. Running as the candidate for Maiwar confirmed my belief that only progressive Labor governments can make the lives of Queenslanders better. I passionately believe that to build Labor's vision into the future we need to open our arms to branch members and democratise our party as never before. Our party needs to lead from the front on issues like abortion law reform and dying with dignity, and that's why I'm standing for state conference.



For too long the LNP have gotten away with their stronghold on this side of the river, while in the meantime the Ryan electorate hosts one of the largest Labor membership numbers in Queensland. There is nothing stopping us from working together as a cohesive cross-branch unit to fight off the scourge of the LNP and continue to entrench our rich and diverse Labor membership in the area. To do this we need a bolder party platform that contrasts more clearly with the policy of the LNP. State conference is such an important decision-making place for the Labor Party in this regard. Having spoken with many Labor members in Ryan on the phone and at events during the Federal and State campaigns, I know most of you care as much about climate change and progressive issues as I do. I am running as a delegate for Ryan because I know I have what it takes to ensure our party platofrm reflects the progressive values I know Ryan members share.



I joined Labor over 20 years ago, because Labor is the only party that can make life better for us all, not just the wealthy. I've helped on dozens of election campaigns, typed up the minutes at branch meetings and been a state and national conference delegate. I now am privileged to serve as one of Labor's Senators for Queensland, taking up the fight to Turnbull and Hanson in Canberra. As a lawyer and now a politician, I've dedicated my working life to fighting for vulnerable people in our society. As a party member, I've fought for policies that reflect our Labor values, on workers' rights, health care and asylum seekers. I've also been a consistent voice for branch members to have more say in our party. Over the past three years I have seen what a difference having an active, progressive State Government makes for Queenslanders. Policies that we have passed at state conference are now protecting Queenslanders, across our state. To continue those changes we need to have strong and progressive representatives at state conference. That is why I seek your support to represent Ryan members at state conference.