Your Local Left Team In Rankin


I am running to represent Rankin at state conference. I’ve been a member of the party for four years and I'm an active member of the Springwood Branch and Mick de Brenni’s Deputy Campaign Director at the last election. I, like so many others, joined the Labor Party because I wanted to get rid of Campbell Newman. We were successful in beating Newman because our Party was active, democratic, committed to continuous campaigning and backed by policy that spoke to Queenslanders about fairness. I’m also a proud member of United Voice and I am passionate about ensuring the voices of working people are heard in our party. I’m running as a Branch Delegate to State Conference because I want to see our great party get even stronger through reforms that ensure branch members have a greater say in policy and the way our leaders are elected.




I first joined the Sunnybank branch of the ALP when I was 16 back in 1998 - the year that John Howard was re-elected for a second term. I have been privileged to put my Labor values to work in a range of forums from Young Labor through to Women’s Committee, and to have worked for a number of state members in their electorate offices including former Premier Anna Bligh and Minister Karen Struthers and now the Honourable Leeanne Enoch MP. As the acting President for the Algester Parkinson branch, I know how important it is that we elect strong branch voices for the Southside and continue to push for reforms that give branch members more say in our party. I am proud to be part of the Local Progressive Team because I know that only strong progressive voices will take forward issues like better reproductive rights and a healthy environment.


I am running to represent Rankin for state conference, as I believe in grass roots activism and giving members a say on policy and any issues that concern our Party. As a State Conference Delegate, I actively pushed for a cap on payday lenders, petitioned the Minster for Transport to keep the Bluedash shuttle bus service for the branch members of Rankin, stood proudly with Labor for refugees, and supported giving members more say. I am proud to have strongly advocated for various issues for branch members and stood up against groups that wanted to deny members the right to a say in our great Party. I have been a Labor Party member since 1992 and I have a proven track record of pushing the issues that matter.



My personal philosophy is one of social justice and equality. I am committed to inclusive values and accountability of the political process so that the needs and rights of the general population are taken into account whenever political decisions are made. I have been fighting for the recognition and advancement of the Early Childhood sector for many years both as a practitioner and Union member. As a parent of a young person with diagnosed Mental Health conditions I am particularly concerned with the lack of support and suitable programs for people experiencing early stages of mental health issues. I would be a strong advocate for families, the early childhood sector, disabilities and general social justice perspectives.