Your Local Left Team In Petrie


I have had the honour of representing Petrie for two terms as your State Conference delegate. I joined the Party in 2005, after helping on election days from 1989, and joined ‘Your Rights at Work’ campaign to fight Howard's Workchoices. I have helped on a number of State and Federal campaigns including the Redcliffe by-election where we dealt the first blow to the Newman Governmentand was Chris Whiting's Campaign Manager in 2015 when we won back the seat of Murrumba from the LNP and won government. I am currently the Bancroft SEC Treasurer and have also been President, Secretary and Treasurer of my Branch, FEC delegate in Petrie and Longman, where I was also the Treasurer. I’ve always believed in social justice and Labor values of equality and workers’ rights. As your delegate I have voted in State Conferences for the democratisation of the Party, LGBTI equality and support for anti-bullying programs in schools, having Senators based in Regional Queensland and many other progressive motions.



I would like to represent Petrie as a Delegate for State Conference because I understand all too well, the fight is never over when it comes to social justice and advocating for fair and progressive change. I want to make sure your voice is heard. In my time as the Secretary of the Deception Bay Branch and Electoral Officer for Chris Whiting, I am lucky to be surrounded by such passionate and vocal members, who are not afraid to discuss the big issues and fight the good fight. I’ve seen firsthand what the community in Petrie really cares about and I want to bring your voices to State Conference. There is still so much work to do in generating real change for women's rights, seniors, pensioners, students, people who wish to die with dignity, climate change and an overall fair go for everyone. I am not afraid of hard work and will bring an inclusive, positive grassroots approach to the team working towards achieving this progressive change.



I’ve been involved in Labor’s campaigns across the country for more than a decade. I moved to Petrie in 2013 where I once again became involved in standing up for progressive change in our community. As a volunteer for the Kidney Support Network and at Dialysis units throughout Petrie, I’ve seen how important progressive policies are in the everyday lives of people in our community. I’ve spoken to hundreds of ordinary voters throughout State and Federal campaigns and I’ve heard what values and issues our community really cares about. I have proudly served as the Secretary and Vice President of my branch, and as Campaign Manager for Steven Miles’ successful 2017 campaign for Murrumba. I want to continue working for our community and as a representative at State Conference, I will fight passionately for progressive policy. I am particularly passionate about health and workers’ rights and am determined to fight to open up the Labor Party and make it more democratic. To take on this challenge, I seek your support as a State Conference delegate.



I have been passionate about politics for many years and joined the Labor Party in 2012 after seeing the good that progressive Labor policy can do in people’s lives. I have since supported a number of amazing Labor candidates at a State and Federal level and I’m proud to part of Chris Whiting’s Bancroft team and President of the SEC. I have proudly stood alongside our Labor colleagues to support progressive policies around mental health, workers’ rights, and quality education that make Queensland a great place to live. I am proud of the sense of community we have in Petrie, a place where I can live and raise my daughter alongside my wife. I want to see Petrie continue to prosper and grow as an inclusive community. As Vice President of the North Lakes State College P&C and the Narangba Valley Toastmasters Club I have seen first hand how important it is that we have proper funding and resources. I am running for State Conference Delegate, because I believe that a Labor Government driven by a progressive State Conference is the best way to achieve positive change within our local communities.



I’m a proud Petrie local - my family and I have lived in the Petrie electorate for 25 years and I’m passionate about our community. I'm proud to go to work every day and help implement a progressive agenda for Queensland as Senior Policy Advisor to Steven Miles, Queensland's Health Minister. As a former Climate Scientist and Climate Change Policy Advisor I’ve seen the damage done by the LNP and all the hard work Labor’s put in to protect the Great Barrier Reef and Queensland’s natural heritage. Working with Steven to protect the Great Barrier Reef and take action on climate change was rewarding and I am incredibly proud of our hard work. I am currently the Queensland Organiser for 'Labor for Aid’, a grassroots Labor membership group focused on our Australian Aid program and the core Labor value of global equality. I'm also a passionate campaigner and acted as an Organiser for the Murrumba Field Campaign during the 2017 State Election, talking to thousands of voters. I'm passionate about grass roots campaigns and want to continue our work in making Labor more democratic and more inclusive.