Your Local Left Team In Oxley


Growing up in Iran, I moved to Australia to study English Literature and Gender Studies at the University of Queensland. Living in Iran and Australia, I have always held progressive values, and I joined the Labor Party as soon as I received my Australian citizenship. In the last three years, I have been a passionate and active local branch member in Forest Lake, working hard on my local campaigns. I am passionate about the advancement of women from all backgrounds. I have moved policies at regional conferences and I am excited to be running as a state conference delegate for the first time. I believe that I bring a wide range of experience to our local, progressive team and I am looking forward to representing our community.


As a strong advocate for grassroots policy development I believe that all branch members should have strong input to our party's forums and processes. I have been a dedicated contributor to our party, working as part of the policy drafting committees, actively working to ensure regional conferences produce quality policy options for State Conference, volunteering at previous State Conferences and acting as a proxy conference delegate for Oxley.


If elected I will continue to work at all levels in pursuit of progressive policy outcomes. I am especially dedicated to policies that deliver for our communities' most vulnerable citizens in the areas of housing, homelessness, prevention of domestic violence, seniors and children. I am also dedicated to ensuring quality economic settings are in place that ensure and promote the conditions for investment in our great state and that these outcomes generate positive outcomes for working families.