Your Local Left Team In Moreton


Progressive values are at the heart of the reason I am standing to represent Moreton as a Delegate to State Conference. I want to make sure that the Labor Party of 2018 and beyond remains a party of progress, a party of equality and a party that stands up for what it believes in. I am a passionate advocate for quality education, issues affecting our First Nations peoples, equality for women, LGBTIQ Queenslanders and making sure all branch members across our state have a real say in our party and our platform.



Having been involved in the Labor Party for over seven years, I have decided to nominate to represent Moreton as a delegate to State Conference. I am running as a delegate because I believe the Queensland Labor Party must continue to pursue a progressive agenda for our state and maintain the momentum of our recent election win. I'm passionate about ensuring we have stronger environmental protections for our state, building an excellent public education system and enhancing the safety net for those who are vulnerable in society and don't have a voice. I would be thrilled and humbled to have the opportunity to represent local members and the issues that matter to them at State Conference.



Queensland Labor has taken a strong progressive path in recent years, which has been driven by progressive members and delegates like us. Your support is vital to further advance progressive policies at State Conference. I am passionate about working with branch members from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and to mentor those people to ensure their full participation within the Labor Party. As an active branch member, Convenor of Multicultural Labor and a proud unionist, I have the experience and drive to ensure strong progressive policy is realised. I am proud to have campaigned in my local area through my roles as President of the Sunnybank Central Branch and as an FEC, SEC and MEC Branch Delegate. We need to open up our party to make it easier for people from diverse backgrounds to be involved at branch level and to participate in the policy process.



I want to represent our branch members hopes for social and material progressive change within our Australian society. We can achieve this by making policy which increases equity and justice for all classes and diverse peoples in our society, and by promoting the interests of those who are vulnerable to exploitation. I also want to advocate for equity in education funding, environmental sustainability, and promote multiculturalism within the party. I am a proud member of my union and believe in the important role the labour movement plays in fighting for a fairer society.



I’m running as a candidate for State Conference because it’s important for our party to continue with a progressive agenda for Queensland. We must continue the work we have started with abortion law reform. It’s also time to get serious about our environment and to truly find alternative forms of employment in renewable energy before it’s too late. We must protect our diverse community and speak out against any acts that seek to divide us. We have to work harder at ending modern slavery. I’m also aware of just how important it is for branch members to have a say and I look forward to working with you as your representative at Conference.



As a party, Queensland Labor has made great progress in recent years to become more inclusive, and welcoming, whilst passing strong progressive motions and changes to our platform. These changes have been reflected in our strong showing at the ballot box. As a party, we can’t afford to slow down. We must continue to differentiate ourselves from the other major party, and communicate this effectively to the public. Throughout my involvement in many campaigns, I have consistently heard this from volunteers and branch members, and that is why I am counting on your support. I am committed to representing our branch members and our community.




I am running to represent Moreton because I am keen to support a progressive, dynamic Labor Party. One of the best ways to do this is to participate, as a delegate, in the State Conference. As a strong believer in the collective, rather than the individualist, approach to public policy, I am excited to have the opportunity to contribute to our great Party. Although I am relatively new to the Labor Party, I have quickly realised that our policies and goals are inclusive, intelligent and the best way forward for our country in a world facing increasing challenges. As a delegate, I will carefully listen to the concerns and ideas of Moreton members and give them a determined voice at State Conference and forums leading up to it.