Your Local Left Team In Moncrieff


I've been a proud progressive member of the Labor Party and a union activist for well over a decade. I'm committed to standing up for branch members here on the Gold Coast and making sure that we have the strongest possible voice in our community and in the decisions that impact us. I'm an advocate for branch members and have participated at four previous State Conferences, as well as being the President of my local branch. Only by empowering our branches and our local campaigns can we meet our goal of seeing more Labor representation here on the Coast.



I am running to represent Moncrieff at State Conference because we’ve got to make sure our party stays on track. In the 31 years since I joined the Labor Party, I have seen, to our horror, our party support policies like privatisation. But now the party is heading back to its roots, because rank and file members are taking it back. We've stopped privatisation, we’ve started investing in public housing again and started making electricity cheaper. We’re returning to traditional Labor values but only because people like you and me are making it happen. So I am asking for your support again, to continue as a delegate to State Conference, so we can continue to reform and return Labor to its roots.



I’ve worked in the Early Childhood profession for 25 years first as an educator and for the last 20 years as a Director. Being employed in a female dominated profession I was frustrated by the undervaluing of our work caring for and educating our most vulnerable members of society. Together with my Early Childhood colleagues I have been fighting for many years for equal pay and this is how I became politically active. Unless good people stand up, things don’t change and so instead of being a bystander, I became active. I joined my Union and I joined the Labor party. I attended meetings and rallies, and I volunteered on Labor campaigns so we would have greater Labor representation on the Gold Coast. I believe in strong, progressive policy to support Queenslanders and hope to be able to represent the views of my fellow branch members at State Conference.



I am the Secretary of the Southport Branch and was the Campaign Manager for the seat of Bonney at the recent state election. I am a delegate for The Services Union (TSU) where I have lobbied at both state and national levels for women’s superannuation and domestic violence leave. I received an Emma Miller Award in 2017 in recognition of my work as a union delegate. As a member of the Labor Party, I have actively sought opportunities to contribute my time and knowledge to the party by acting as a proxy delegate at previous state conferences and by attending regional, state and national conferences, events and training workshops. I have over 30 years’ experience in the health and welfare sectors and currently serve as the Treasurer for the Gold Coast Homeless Network. I’m also a member of the Domestic Violence Integrated Response. I believe my extensive experience and commitment to Labor values demonstrates why I am the best representative for seat of Moncrieff at State Conference.