Your Local Left Team In McPherson


My Dad was a Life Member of Labor and as far back as I can remember I have letter boxed or handed out how to votes at election time. My passion for women being safe in their homes, families and workplaces lead to my work in refuges and eventually with amazing progressive MPs who were breaking new ground on policies to support the development of better policiies to support people experiencing domestic violence. I've been proud to campaign for progressive Labor candidates and am standing for the Local Progressive team because I believe that only under their leadership will be see our party empowered at a grassroots level and delivering on the policies people in our area care about.



I am a local born and raised Gold Coaster and am passionate about community, education and equality. I've helped lead some of the Gold Coast's largest community campaigns and will never stop working towards a better future for us here on the Coast. It's so important that our party advocates for good policies that can address the impacts of climate change and changing technology in the workplace. I will always stand up for us on the Coast and work towards a Labor Party that is representative, engaged, and progressive.



It gives me pleasure to stand for a second time as a delegate to the Queensland Labor state conference for McPherson. I have been an active member of the Labor Party for seven years, following 15 years in the British Labour Party. I have proudly served my branch as Vice President for two years and also President for three years. For the last four years as your delegate, I have actively supported the reform of our party at all levels to encourage increased input from ordinary branch members in all party elections and policy decisions. This will only strengthen our party. I also supported policies that put people before profit and I have been a strong advocate of giving a voice to the voiceless. This Turnbull government clearly support policies which enable the strong to dominate the weak, and encourage the rich devour the poor. I am passionate about doing all we can as a party to make our world fairer for our generation and the next. It is for these reasons I again ask for your vote.