Your Local Left Team In Maranoa


I am proud to be standing for State Conference as part of the progressive Labor team from Maranoa. All Queenslanders should be proud of our party's 127 years of heritage and tradition and Maranoa branch members even more so, given our party was born in our part of rural Queensland. Ours is a party with a tradition of progressive change - it was born out of the need for change. Labor is at its best when it leads the way, and I want to ensure that we continue fighting for a better future for every Queenslander. I have always been passionate about standing up and speaking out on behalf of our region, and with your support I will fight to ensure that our party retains its focus on delivering policies that meet the needs of our regional members.



I have been a proud member of the Labor Party for 40 years. I believe strongly in our core values of equality, equity, social justice, workers’ rights, women’s rights and human rights. As well as being an active unionist all my working life, I have also been a passionate branch member in both Queensland and Tasmania, and I have worked in a number of leadership roles within the party. I have previously had the privilege of representing and promoting branch motions at regional and state conferences. I am particularly passionate about the treatment of refugees in indefinite detention on Manus and Nauru, whose only crime was escaping persecution and violence. That’s why I am running as part of our local, progressive team. These policies can be changed from the ground up. If I am elected to represent Maranoa at the next state conference I will again advocate for our rural electorate in which I have lived and worked for 28 years.



I was born and raised in Longreach, and I currently live in Barcaldine. I have worked in the community sector for the last 12 years, and before that I worked as a shearer and in the mining industry. I value fairness and equality for all, and I believe that no matter where you come from, you deserve secure work and a high standard of education and healthcare. I also know what it is like to raise a family in regional Queensland. I have seen the many changes, good and bad, that have presented in Maranoa and I want to create an environment of supported and resilient communities. I will advocate for infrastructure projects across Maranoa, for employment opportunities for young people and for support services for victims of domestic and family violence.



I've lived in Roma all my life and I'm passionate about making sure that South West Queensland gets the say it needs in our party. I have spent my working life speaking up for families, especially Indigenous families, for women, and for better education policies in regional areas across Queensland. I'm part of our Progressive Local team because I am proud to advocate for the kinds of party reforms that will give branch members here in Maranoa the strongest possible voice in our party.



I’m running to be your state conference delegate because we need a strong progressive state conference team to build the reforms that only Labor can deliver. Throughout my working life, I have spent 32 years involved in the building and construction industry. From work on the tools to employing trades, I understand the challenges facing workers every single day. We all know that only the Labor Party stands up for workers and their families, something I’m always passionate about supporting. Since 2011 I have been a foster carer. I believe in the right of children to live in a safe and inclusive family. It’s really important to keep young people in our communities. For this to happen, I will fight for Labor policies that support regional job creation and opportunities. Our community is an aging one. Currently we have to travel great distances for specialist services and this is very difficult for a great number of our elderly population. Labor has always stood up for health services across Queensland. I will continue fighting to ensure our party understands the complex needs of our community.