Your Local Left Team In Lilley



I’m passionate about increasing the power of branch members when it comes to formulating the future of the party and the government. I believe the majority of us are in the Labor Party to improve our fellow Australians quality of life. We must work hard to promote a strong platform of the best possible healthcare, education and community services, environmental sustainability, and social justice. I’m a life member of the Labor Party since joining in 1992. I have been an FEC and SEC delegate for many years. I was the co-founder of Queensland Local Labor, an organisation that promotes democracy and transparency in our party. I have been a member of the Health Policy Drafting committee since 2010. I’m also secretary of the Australian Fabians Society and through this and our progressive team, I’ve been fighting for progressive policies and values. As your delegate, I will fight for a more open and transparent party and for our shared values.




I've been a proud member of Labor for two years and throughout that time I've been heavily involved within federal and state campaigns, fighting the good fight to ensure progressive Labor candidates are elected. I joined the Australian Labor Party because I know it is the party that will continue to fight for the every day Australian and will ensure a fair go for all. It is the party that wants to provide equal opportunity and access to healthcare, employment and education for all, and ensure that everyone has a bright future ahead of them. From workers rights to education, I am proud of the great record the Labor Party has for standing up for what is right and if elected as a delegate, I will continue this ongoing legacy by ensuring that the Labor Party always advocates for fairness and equality within all of our policies.




I am running for a State Conference delegate position because I’m passionate about helping the most vulnerable in our society. Working with pensioners as a tax consultant over the past few years I realised the extent of the Liberal’s attacks on elderly people who were struggling to survive on the bare minimum and were facing further cuts to their pensions. I put my hand up because only our local progressive team has been standing up for pensioners against these cuts as well as fighting for the values my family and I share. I support more democracy within the Labor Party and giving more voting rights to rank and file members. An engaged and active membership, with a genuine voice, is the key to ensure greater success for our Labor Party. As your state conference delegate I will stand up and fight for progressive policy as well as fair education funding and and a strong healthcare system. We’ve fought hard in the past for these values and with the liberal’s ongoing attacks we cannot afford to take these for granted.




I'm passionate about party reform and ensuring branch members as well as Unions have a proper say in the running of the party. I have been a member of the labour movement for most of my working life and know the the Labor party thrives when we have progressive leadership. That's why I am running as a State Conference delegate for your local, Left team. Because they have been fighting for and delivering real, progressive reform within the Labor party for years. Including strengthening our industrial relations laws, implementing a sustainable renewable energy transition plan and increasing rank and file Labor members say in the party. I believe that they are the only team capable of delivering real reform and a real say for Unions and Labor members.



I joined the Labor Party as I believed they were the only political party that believed in a fair go for all. As a long time unionist and school teacher, I have also seen the great work that they have done for education and workers’ rights. However, there is still so much more progress to make and I am committed to ensuring that the voices of my fellow party members are heard on these issues and more.

I have volunteered my time to train members like myself to be able to speak to the wider community about why the Labor Party is the only option for real change in this country. I have also worked on campaigns in both Council and State elections to make sure progressive Labor candidates are elected and able to be our voice in parliament.

As a State Conference delegate, I will work ensure that your voice is heard and Labor continues to fight and advocate for a fair go for all.