Your Local Left Team In Leichhardt


As a dedicated life-member of the Labor Party, I am asking for your support to elect me as part of a progressive Leichhardt Team to be your delegate at the Queensland State Conference. I joined the Labor Party 35 years ago, and for the past 21 years have been an active member of the Cairns Branch. I have held many positions over those years and represented Labor Party Members in many forums. I am a passionate unionist and activist with the Australian Services Union and currently a workplace delegate. In 2008 I was elected to local government and served 4 years as a Cairns Regional Councillor. As your delegate to State Conference I pledge my support for Party Reform and I will stand up for rank and file members to have a voice in selecting who will represent them at State and Federal levels. I feel strongly about programs and services that address inequality, I will argue for a more compassionate refugee policy and lobby for abortion law reform. I look forward to talking with you.



I am asking for your support to represent Leichardt at State Conference as I am an active member of our Party and have contributed extensively through numerous roles on State and Federal campaigns and within the Party. I believe that our Branches are the backbone of our Party that should be supported and empowered to have a greater say in future policy direction that embraces all Australians. I am passionate about reform that is progressive, democratic and empowers our members. I also want to see a greater focus on policies that address issues affecting communities in regional, rural and remote areas. As your State Conference delegate, I would ensure that our voice is heard and represent the views and interest of members in Leichhardt.



The QLD State Conference sets the policy for the Labor Government and as a passionate and community focussed activist, I ask for the honour of being your representative. I have a masters degree in public policy and my work in community development has been dedicated to achieving social justice, especially for young people from remote communities and I am passionate about education, health and women’s policy. Like most of us in the Labor Party I fought to get where I am; as a young Aboriginal woman from a remote community I struggled to achieve the education and opportunities that other kids take for granted. As regional Labor Party members we need to ensure we aren't just a party creating policy for SEQ. I pledge my support to progressive policy that works for FNQ. I joined the Labor Party in early 2015; since then I have been actively involved in campaigning, recruiting new members throughout Cape York and listening to members at Party events. With your support I look forward to being your voice for Leichardt at State Conference.




I am running because I want to see Leichhardt and the Far North prosper. I want to see the ideas, hard work and effort of the people in our community flourish; as a dad I have a very strong vested interest in helping to make this happen. I want to work with you all within this great party to create opportunity, equity and a plan for future generations. A future where my daughter and her friends don’t have to leave this place to find a good job or to study. Our region can lead the world as a place to live, work, visit and learn but we need to plan together, politics and policy making must be for the many not the few. The ideas for our community and our party will come from our rank and file members.



As a believer in the true power of the Labor party, it would be a pleasure and a privilege to represent our Leichhardt members at State Conference. I am a tradesman, a small business owner, a father and a hard working Labor and Union member. I am the current Branch President of the Barron River Branch and FNQ Left Convenor. I am certainly a familiar face to the members of our region. Since joining the party I have committed my time and efforts to the grass roots movements of the ALP, and I am proud of the friendships, the bonds and the comradeship that has come from working on many Local, State, Federal and Union campaigns. We all joined this party to have our voices heard, to see our concerns addressed and our ideas raised at a level where they can make a difference - State Conference plays a huge part in this process. I believe that I have the necessary skills, attributes and passion to represent the many and diverse views of our Far North members. Through positive action and strong representation we will grow our numbers we will be the change we want to see.



I’ve been a proud member of the Labor Party for 24 years and involved in every campaign since then. I’ve been your representative at QLD State Conference, WA State Executive, managed campaigns, worked for elected representatives and trade unions. I’ve dedicated my working life to delivering the progressive change we as Labor members are deeply committed to. I commit to fighting for the issues that matter to us. These include increased preselection power for FNQ members - we know how to win in our own territory. We also need a full time Party organiser from and based in FNQ, as well as increased resources for ‘Labor for the Regions’ so we’re heard by South East QLD. I also want to see strong progressive policies that focus on crime rates and better opportunities for young people to be rehabilitated or stopped from becoming a statistic to begin with.