Your Local Left Team In Herbert


I am a passionate and vocal member of the Labor party that believes in a fair go for all. I loved having a lead role in the successful fight for marriage equality here in Herbert, giving speeches at local events and being interviewed on the radio. A highlight for me was doorknocking and making phone calls to talk with locals about the issues that matter to them during our successful federal and state election campaigns in Townsville. I'm a Business Law and Economics Student and in my spare time I advocate for young people to have better funding for education and to restore their penalty rates. I will always fight for a stronger voice for branch members and for the progressive policies that will reduce high youth unemployment and increase investment for regional Queensland.



A fair go is at the centre of everything that Labor stands for as far as I'm concerned. I have been the President/Co-convener of the Townsville Branch since 2011, passionately campaigning for progressive policy and branch members rights. I have worked for JCU, various politicians & United Voice and now manage a charity within the National Disability Insurance Scheme. In my opinion history will judge the NDIS to be the greatest Labor achievement since Medicare! I was honoured to be elected 3 years ago as a Conference Delegate for Herbert as part of Cathy O'Toole's team, my first opportunity to fight for regional representation at the top. We had a lot of wins for the regions over the last three years including a permanently based Party Organiser in the regions, direct election of National Conference delegates, policy to move all power lines underground in cyclone prone areas over next 10 years and two regionally based Senators. I am a proud to be a progressive voice for North Queensland within Labor!



I have been a member of the Labor Party since 1989 so this is my 29th year of being an active member. In 2001, I was elected as the Northern District Organiser for the Rail, Tram & Bus Union in Townsville which is still my current role after 16 years. I also hold a position with the National RTBU Locomotive Division as I previously was a Locomotive Driver for Queensland Rail in Bowen for 27 years prior to becoming an Organiser. In 2005, I was elected to the position as the President of the Queensland Council of Unions (QCU) Townsville Branch, which I still hold after 13 years. During my 29 years as a member of the Labor Party, I have held many different positions on Branches and Electorate Councils. I am currently President of the Thuringowa Branch and Vice President of the Herbert FEC. I also am a member of the Regional Priority Jobs Committee for North Queensland which supports a skills-driven economy, ensuring the right skills are in the right places at the right time.



I was born, raised and educated in North Queensland and I am passionate about the issues that affect regional Queenslanders. I am a proud and active member of the Labor Party and my union. I am running because I want to stand-up against regional inequality and fight for better policies in areas of health, education, regional jobs and workers’ rights, and broader regional representation. We need better policies that will support and recognise our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, strengthen our arts community, as well as stronger penalties for animal cruelty. I know that my experience as a Campaign Director for Herbert in the successful 2016 Federal Election will strengthen my ability to work towards real change in these policy areas. I have also campaigned hard on many State elections over the years and will continue to be involved in at all levels of government to make sure the Labor Party holds power. I am committed to regional Queensland and will always fight for policies that support regional Queenslanders.



North Queenslanders need a strong and committed voice that will continue to fight for job security and workers’ rights, quality education, affordable and accessible healthcare and childcare, a fair deal for the defence personnel, pensioners, Newstart recipients and a better deal for small business. I will always be committed to fighting for North Queensland. I was elected to Federal Parliament on the 2nd July 2016 as the Member for Herbert. Winning Herbert was exceptional as the Labor party hadn’t held this seat for twenty years and I am the first woman to hold this Federation seat. I started my working life as an apprentice hairdresser and at the age of eighteen, I became a small business owner with my mother. My husband and I have owned and operated a range of small businesses. I have taught and Project Managed in the TAFE sector and I was the CEO of two community Organisations in the mental health community sector over a 15 year period. I fight every day to ensure that the people of Herbert have a strong local voice in Canberra.



I am a big supporter of rural and regional Queensland and know that our state is very diverse and every area is different; What works in the south-east corner won't necessarily work in regional Queensland. We need to do a lot more for our regional, rural and remote communities and one of the ways to achieve this is to have strong representatives as state conference delegates. I am proud of the achievements we made at the last state conference in Townsville. Its great to see our party becoming more proactive and progressive, and developing great policy. I am committed to ensuring that we continue in this direction and making sure that all Queenslanders are properly represented.



I joined the Labor Party in 2012 because I believe every Australian deserves the right to live a life where the values of fairness, equality, justice and inclusion are evident. I am the mother of two primary school children and I see the need for Labor’s needs-based funding every day. I believe that every child regardless of their family’s income or social standing has the right to access quality education. I work as a support worker in elder abuse and believe that older Australians have the right to live free from abuse and neglect. This means properly funded services and systems that support older people to live the life they choose, including the ability to live above the poverty line. I was born in Townsville and am proud of our community, it is a great place to raise my family. Townsville is the largest city in Northern Australia and has so much potential. I believe that we need a strong vision and commitment to ensuring that our community prospers and that means we need a commitment to infrastructure funding to deliver local jobs.