Your Local Left Team In Groom


I am excited to be running as one of Groom’s state conference delegates. I want to represent my community at state conference because I believe that the voices of branch members need to be heard and taken seriously. I have worked tirelessly on campaigns at local, state and federal levels, helping out on everything from street stalls and doorknocking to promotions. I know how important it is to support local campaigns and I have dedicated my time in the party to working as a foot soldier in grassroots campaigns. As a candidate, I am committed to being an active and strong representative, who will stand up for our local community. I am proud of the work our branches and local trade union movement do to defend workers and vulnerable people in Groom. I believe that our party works best when we all have a voice and when we focus on moving progressive policy that protects all Queenslanders. That’s why I am running as a state conference delegate, to continue the fantastic work that we’ve been doing.



I have been proud to be a Capricornia State Conference delegate for the past 2 terms and again seek your support to continue bringing the party back to the members. Being a strong voice on conference for the workers in regional Queensland is a passion for me and I have extenstive background in the union movement and fighting for workers rights. The increased advocacy for working Australians has help delivered strong policy which has helped fight against the likes of LNP and One Nation in regional Queensland. We must continue to be progressive and be inclusive of all our members as this will continue allow us to grow and to prosper against the tide of the conservatives.



I’m a married mother of three who has been working within my local branch over the past five years. I made the decision to join the Labor party following the double shock loss at both a State and Federal level, when I realised that the only way to move our Party and our state forward was by showing up and getting involved. I volunteer within my local community and school network. I believe in grassroots organising within our communities, and within my party. My working background within retail management and education support means that I’ve seen firsthand what a difference secure work and a decent education can make. That’s why I am a passionate supporter of Labor policies like building new schools and protecting penalty rates. I’ve devoted myself to building Labor’s base in Toowoomba, and building the rank and file's stake in our party. I was proud to run as the first female Labor candidate ever for Toowoomba South with a strong result to build upon. I want to continue building on this by representing my community as a state conference delegate.



For the last 40 years I have been involved in both the union movement and Labor Party here in Toowoomba and I have always spoken up for the rights of workers and their families. I am currently the State President of the QLD & NT Branch of the Electrical Trades Union. I am also the President of the Toowoomba Trades Hall Board and the immediate past President of the Toowoomba Council of Unions. I strongly believe that the balance of fairness in this country is wrong and that all working people, be they retired, unemployed or disabled deserve better. To achieve that they need a voice and a say in policies that affect them, and this is what I will fight for as a state conference delegate.