Your Local Left Team In Griffith


I believe for a progressive society to flourish we need four things: access to affordable education, universal healthcare, union protected wages and a participative democracy. I support policy which lowers the cost of education and offers multiple entry and exit points, especially for those who grew up in a low-SES community like myself. As a long-term healthcare worker and now a research graduate, I want to empower patients by bridging healthcare silos and recommend ways to incentivise proactive wellness, not just disease management. With inequality at its greatest levels in 70 years, an invigorated union movement that caters for an independent, agile work force and focusses on grass roots community development is the only way we can protect and enshrine an agenda encompassing the many, and not the few. Lastly I believe we need innovative new ways to educate and conduct state-wide polling, supporting non-politically engaged people to make their policies a priority.



As a member of the Cannon Hill/Morningside Branch, since in 2003, I believe my role as a branch member is to work to ensure Labor holds Government at all levels. As an active member, I participate in election campaigns at all levels of government. Over the past 10 years, I have been a Booth captain at Local, State and Federal elections. I have been a member of the Policy Co-ordination Council and Policy Committees and currently hold party positions, including Secretary of the Griffith FEC, President of the Cannon Hill/Morningside Branch and a Branch Representative on the Bulimba SEC, Doboy MEC and Morningside MEC. As a current Branch Delegate to State Conference it has been an honour and a privilege to represent Griffith Branch members. I am keen to continue to support Branch Members by utilising the skills and experience I have gained over the years and call upon you to support my nomination. My commitment is to improve and strengthen the communication between Branch Members, the Party and Elected Representatives, while upholding the democratic principles that underpin the Australian Labor Party.



As a university student, I got involved in the Labor party because of Malcolm Turnbull’s repeated attacks upon the higher education sector. I believe that all Australians, no matter their background, should have access to an affordable and quality education; whether that be at the early learning stages, primary and high school, TAFE or university level. Malcolm Turnbull is not listening. He has been unrelenting in his attacks on education, health, and the union movement. Now more than ever, we need a strong and progressive Labor agenda, to put Malcolm Turnbull and his do-nothing Liberal National government in their place.




I grew up with a mother who was a nurse and a father who was blue-collar, so I know what it is like to be part of a working-class family where everyday worries about jobs, health & education are central to family life. My family were all born in public hospitals and educated in public schools, thanks to Medicare and Labor’s commitment to universal education.
My belief in public health means that I will never stop advocating for accessible public health care and I will always stand strong against privatisation measures within our party.
From 18 years of age I served in the Australian Army for five years, until a training incident affected my ability to continue service - but I was determined to continue to work for my community in a range of public service roles. From 2014 on, I have been working, volunteering & studying to make a career transition into health & wellbeing and public health - I am passionate about preventative health to address chronic disease.
I have been a Labor campaign volunteer at every local, state, territory & federal election both here in Queensland & the NT, from 2007 to 2017.



I’ve been an active member of the Labor Party for the past eight years. I joined the Labor Party because issues like a just transition to a sustainable economy, housing affordability and income inequality won’t fix themselves. People have to stand up and demand change. During my time in the Labor Party and as Convener of the Labor Environment Action Network, I’ve led campaigns for more renewable energy and for strong targets on climate action. I have moved major changes to the Labor Party's policy on climate action as a state conference delegate proxy. As a member of the Annerley Branch, I have campaigned for progressive candidates on a local, state and federal level. I’m running for a branch delegate position to push for party democracy, and for a party platform with bold, progressive policy prescriptions that address rising inequality and rising oceans. Only a bigger, more progressive Labor Party can fight and win against threats from Pauline Hanson and the Greens.



Following the election of the Newman LNP Government, I joined the Labor Party to fight the devastation and despair being experienced by Queenslanders. I want us to build a movement of people who feel empowered – never hopeless – to address the massive challenges we face. We need a progressive environmental policy that shifts Australia’s economy from dying fossil fuel industries to new industries of the future while ensuring that no worker is left behind. We need to invest in the necessary infrastructure to support our growing population while also taking steps to address housing affordability, increase our sense of community, reinvigorate civil society, and reduce inequality. To do this the entire Labour Movement, and the Labor Party must be a powerful, united campaign machine that has the policy and the people to hold on to government at all levels. As we continue to build a future for Queensland it should benefit all of us, not just a few. In this, I seek your support.