Your Local Left Team In Fisher


I am a dedicated Labor Party and union member. I am committed to ensuring working people get a fair go and striving to get progressive industrial policy into our party platform. As a State Conference delegate, I would do my utmost to give voice to Labor branch members in Fisher, bring your concerns and ideas to the table and represent the working people in our community.



I’m a member of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland Branch and President of the Fisher FEC. I’m asking for the opportunity to represent you as a state conference delegate for Fisher. You might remember me from the 2015 and 2017 Glass House state election campaigns. Although I haven’t been able to secure a voice for the Sunshine Coast in state parliament (yet!) I am still keen to ensure our region is well heard at our state conferences. I’m passionate about protecting our fragile environment and was proud to get the ball rolling on the campaign to re-instate strong, sensible tree clearing legislation during the last election. Those laws are now before parliament and will be passed. I’m determined to ensure our region benefits from well considered planning and development policy. State government projections have the Sunshine Coast growing by a staggering 200,000 people by 2041. Our region needs strong representation on Labor’s conference floor if we’re to maintain its unique character as we grapple with the challenges this growth presents.



I'm currently President of the Caloundra Branch and twice candidate for the seat of Caloundra. I'd very much like the opportunity to represent you at state conference as a delegate for Fisher. My biggest priority is to try to get the Sunshine Coast well and truly in the spot light for the first time in a very long time. I want the party to get serious about the Sunshine Coast. Every election the Gold Coast is the subject of planning and deliberate strategy while the Sunshine Coast gets platitudes and best wishes. At the last state election with a number of strong candidates and two marginal seats we were almost ignored. Funding commitments for the Gold Coast were in the vicinity of a billion dollars but barely 30 million dollars was committed to the Sunshine Coast. This imbalance must not be allowed to continue. We must given the respect that our hard work deserves and I want to ensure that happens.



Sunshine Coast Branches generate great ideas for the Labor Platform and for Labor Governments to implement. I would like to be part of the team that you elect to advocate for our region at State Conference. At previous conferences I have successfully debated a range of issues, from addressing climate change and world heritage listing for Fraser Island, to banning smoking in clubs and pubs and giving branch members the right to elect party officials. I am keen to take the resolutions that you believe are important and raise them at Conference, and to help develop policies and priorities that will see the Labor Party win seats on the Sunshine Coast once again. My focus is to help develop policies and priorities to demonstrate how Labor is serious about the Sunshine Coast. We need to develop a regional economic plan to create job diversity and provide essential infrastructure for the current and future population. I support priorities such as regional sporting facilities, a convention centre, and upgrades to our rail and road networks. I am committed to the protection of our natural environment and mitigation of the impacts of climate change.



My contribution to Qld Labor is mainly as a member of a team working hard to win the seats of Glass House and Fisher. Labor is the party which knows the value of adequately staffed and funded public schools, hospitals and other areas. I’m active in Labor groups: for many years Treasurer and now VP of Sunshine Coast Hinterland Branch, Secretary of the FEC, a member of the executive of Qld Labor Environment Action Network, and a member of the Policy Development Committee for Chapter 5 (Environment). As a Fisher State Conference Delegate I support progressive scientifically based policy. In particular I have worked with Dr Ian Matthews on environmental issues. At conferences we have negotiated a redesign of the Caloundra Highway Interchange to protect endangered forest and lower the cost of the project. We negotiated for the SEQ Regional Forest Agreement, National Parks and Heritage areas, rain water tanks, environmental flows for rivers, wetlands and aquifers. In the last four years my focus has been water allocation, sustainability, monitoring water take by all users, including irrigators and mines. I am actively involved in raising the Labor profile in rural areas. Labor quietly works away at real sustainable solutions, and is rarely acknowledged in this work. I look forward to hearing what is important to you!



I live in Beerwah and have been a local for more than 20 years. My oldest daughter has cerebral palsy and autism and I am her full time carer. I have been actively putting my crocheting skills to use by making owl plushies for Labor Enabled. I want to address issues surrounding Australian Standards disability access and safety on public transport. I also want to improve disability housing and employment options and opportunities. I’m running in the state conference delegate elections because I want to advocate for progressive issues and introduce progressive policies that will make all of Australia a better place.



I hope you’ll give me the chance to represent you at State Conference as a delegate for Fisher. We all know that the Sunshine Coast isn’t getting a fair go at the moment. Our branches are strong and active and we run great campaigns, but our region needs a bigger voice and more support. I will always fight for our area to get the attention, the policies and the funding we need to make the Sunshine Coast a Labor heartland. I’m committed to helping develop policies that meet the needs of regional people, especially in aged care, transport, and community housing. I'll be proud to stand up for Kawana, Caloundra and Hinterland branch members as your State Conference delegate.