Your Local Left Team In Fairfax


I have been a member of the Labor Party since 1987. I’m the president of the Burnside Branch and I’ve been the campaign director for the seat of Nicklin. From 1988 -1993, I was a Councillor on the Maroochy Shire Council. The first member of the Labor party to be elected to that position! I have served on party committees in the past such as Local Government and Housing. My career has been varied, working at QCOSS on social housing and HACC projects and local government. As the Qld Coordinator for the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation, I set up over 1000 learning circles and organised the bridge walk across the William Jolly Bridge in 1999. My policy passions are women’s issues, rural and regional, Indigenous policy and self-determination, industrial relations and health. One of my projects for next year is to write the history of the Labour Movement on the Sunshine Coast.



I‘m running for State Conference delegate because it’s time to end the disconnect between our party’s policy and the interests of our local area. I believe that it’s important to have a strong State Conference team who will advocate for and support progressive polices that will deliver for the Sunshine Coast. In the past I worked for the Australian Franchisees Association and we achieved significant law reform in the Franchise Sector, so that the rights of Franchisees were considerably advanced. I’m now interested in working on reforms to the Retirement Villages Act and the current voluntary euthanasia laws in Queensland. I believe that both of these areas are worthy of considerable effort and a Labor Government is the only one that will make a legitimate effort at reform.



I am seeking your support, as one of the team of progressive delegates in Fairfax, to represent you at our State Conference. I am a dedicated party member of more than 30 years and am now a Life Member. I hold the position of Treasurer in my branch of Burnside, the Fairfax FEC and Nicklin SEC and have been elected Branch Membership Officer and Branch Delegates to Fairfax FEC and Nicklin SEC. I have been State Conference Delegate and National Conference Delegate and worked on every State and Federal Campaign since joining the Queensland Branch of the Labor Party. I have for more than 20 years organised the Dr Denis Murphy Memorial Dinner, raising many thousands of dollars to help fund the Fairfax Federal Campaigns. I have been ALP candidate at three State elections for Nicklin and twice for local Government I am passionate about meeting the challenges of: climate change and the environment; significant increase in affordable housing for those with specific needs, low income families and the homeless; decriminalisation of termination of pregnancy; Labor dedicates itself to equal opportunities for individuals, and families who experience any type of physical or mental health disability.



I joined the Labor Party in 1984 and have been an active and enthusiastic activist at branch, SEC and FEC level. I’ve also been a Labor candidate in both State and Federal elections. As a candidate, I built a public profile based on the enduring Labor values of fairness and equity with an abiding dedication to protecting our precious environment. I was a key community activist fighting against the Newman government’s attempts to sell off the Sunshine Coast University Hospital. I’ve also been active in preserving the Steve Irwin forest and making sure subbies receive payment protection from unscrupulous developers. I have led the public debate on infrastructure projects for our area including fast train technology, sustainable energy generation and an international fibre optic cable connection. As a State Conference delegate I will continue to fight for the changes that party members and our community need to see.



I am a member of the Maroochydore Branch on the beautiful Sunshine Coast where I am an FEC delegate and a social media officer. I am seeking your support in this election to be your State Conference delegate. I have been a member of the party since I was 17. Even before I could vote I have been a passionate warrior for our values and our great Labor mission. I moved to the Sunny Coast, after being raised in Kingaroy, and have witnessed first hand how conservative politics are damaging the fabric of our society, with health and education always in their crosshairs. I unashamedly believe in policies that will improve people’s lives. I strongly believe in action on climate change and removing abortion from the Queensland criminal code. I believe the disadvantaged in our society should receive a fair go. I am passionate about skilling the next generation of Queenslanders to be the professionals of tomorrow. Our diversity and unity is our greatest strength which reflects my desire to represent us all on the floor of conference.



I’m an active member of the Maroochydore Branch and delegate to the Fairfax FEC. My grandfather, a long serving member of the Tramways Union, instilled in me the importance of solidarity and the union movement. I joined our Party because Coalition polices were damaging our country and destroying gains made by Labor and our unions. I am a strong advocate of progressive policies such as the decriminalisation of abortion and voluntary assisted dying. I am passionate about protecting koala habitat and am pleased that the South East Queensland Regional Plan includes an action plan to protect koalas. If elected as your delegate to the State Conference I will be a reliable and strong supporter of progressive policies that reflect our party's values.



I believe that educators need to be given strong leadership toward a modernized curriculum that will give students new skills for a radically changed future economic landscape. Educators need to be empowered to teach their students how to nimbly gain skills and knowledge to exploit an increasingly tech-heavy society and workplace. The Labor Party is the only vehicle capable of introducing progressive change to ensure this happens. I believe that we need to trust our own ability to excel, to create, to dream, to invent, to invest, and to develop new technologies that will have serious impacts on the global economy and political landscape, just as we have in the past. From WiFi to long-distance radar to secret ballot voting to spray on skin and the winged keel, Australia has and must continue to invest in its own exceptional people and capabilities. The Labor Party must stand up for Queenslanders when dealing with multinational companies, knowing that they dearly want our high-quality natural resources and that they’re currently taking them for a song and a biscuit. We can strike a much better deal for our people and must be willing to stare down the companies and countries that are wanting to benefit from what we have without a fair price.