Your Local Left Team In Fadden


I became a party member in 2014 when it was clear that Campbell Newman and the LNP were destroying this state and our services. I wanted to fight back by changing the change makers bringing Labor back to power in 2015 and solidifying our position in 2017. I’m both proud and humbled to have been a part of campaign activities through these two elections. I believe that the voice of the people should be the voice of government and the wishes of the people and promotion of their best interests should be reflected in all the decisions a government makes. Since 2014 I’ve been active both at Broadwater Branch and most recently in my role as a founding member and now President of the new Pacific Pines Branch. I believe that the strength of the Labor Party is in our grassroots activism and democratic processes where every member can help shape our party. That's why I'm running to be a branch delegate for state conference.



As a born and bred Gold Coaster I am honoured to represent the area that I grew up in and proud to have broken through the sea of blue here in our growing city. I am a firm believer in grass-roots movements and know that my presence in the Queensland Parliament would not be possible without the unwavering support of branch members. I’m determined to support progressive policy that reflects the views of grassroots members and advocate for our community. I joined the Labor Party because I believe in the values of fairness, equality and justice. As the youngest women elected to the Queensland Parliament, I am extremely passionate about advancing women’s rights and equalising the gender pay gap. Having worked as an employment lawyer I am focused on advocating for fair wages and conditions. As the sister of a brother with Down Syndrome, I am passionate about how we can provide reform that allows individuals with a disability to be able to participate meaningfully in society. With inequality becoming more entrenched and wealth and power becoming more concentrated it’s critical that we change the trajectory for future generations. The best way to do that is through a Labor government driven by progressive policies. That's why I am running as a state conference delegate.



I have always been a strong believer in Labor values. My family immigrated to Australia when I was three, via Professional Visa through the Hawke/Keating government. As a boy, my mother taught me left wing values of equality for all, no matter your background, gender or financial position. As an adult, I have utilised these values through hard work, gaining a Bachelor of Civil Engineering and creating a successful career in the Road Infrastructure industry. I joined the Labor Party in 2012 upon seeing Campbell Newman make savage cuts to the public sector in which I worked. Since joining, I’ve actively campaigned in every state (2015, 2018) and federal campaign (2013, 2016), achieving an end to the Newman era, and helping win a Labor seat on the Gold Coast. I’ve served Labor as branch Vice-President, FEC Secretary and currently President of Broadwater branch. I am running for State Conference to strengthen our party core values. I am here to fight for Multicultural equality against growing threat of the far right, for improved public transport, healthcare, education, workers rights and jobs!



I have a professional background in the performing arts and have been a member of my union for over 35 years. During this time raising my children and teaching in tertiary education, I have seen firsthand the difference that progressive Labor Governments make to the lives of our children and our education system. I have always been a Labor supporter and made the commitment to join when I realised that getting involved is the best way to make change. Working as the President of the Beenleigh Branch, I fought for rank and file participation and a greater say for branch members within our party. I was fortunate to serve as the candidate for Theodore at the 2017 election and fight for fantastic policies that protect our workers and put health and education first. I believe that a democratic party, guided by a progressive platform is the best way to move Queensland forward. That’s why I’m running as part of a local, progressive team for state conference.