Your Local Left Team In Dickson


I've been an early years educator for 18 years, I'm a mother, and a very proud, active unionist and Labor Party member. I am also one of the founding members of the Strathpine Branch. For 10 years, I've been actively fighting for equal pay for early years educators and promoting the Big Steps campaign. I've also been an organiser with United Voice and have met some of the most empowering people along my journey to create change for the better. I have worked on many campaigns and am humbled to be part of a party that has contributed much to our great nation. I will always be genuine, honest and approachable. I promise that your concerns will be my priority and that I will consistently work with my colleagues to bring these concerns to the forefront and create discussions around positive change. I vow to always speak up for members in Dickson and be a true representative of the rank and file in this soon-to-be Labor seat.



I am a long term resident of Kallangur and was a member of Kallangur and now Narangba Labor Branch. I was also on past SEC committees since 2013. I am a Mother of 3, Grandmother to 4 and I work Full Time in an Admin Role. I have the opportunity to be in the community regularly whilst attend functions and community activities with my Husband - Shane King MP for Kurwongbah. As a state conference delegate, I value listening to and representing the views of branch members whilst adhering progressive principles - those being protection of our environment , equality as a human right, the dignity of work, safety and fairness for our workers and a humane and compassionate approach to immigration policy. I have personally seen the results of how State Conference can change lives. As an adoptee the changes that were made to the adoption policy enabled me to be in contact with my birth family. I was one whom was affected by the LNP Government whilst with Queensland Health. I have been a State Councillor and Workplace delegate for my union whilst with Queensland Health. I know that the Labor Party conference is an opportunity to influence the policy of our great party and look forward to participating in Conference.


After the disappointing loss in the 2004 federal election, I decided to join the Labor Party. Because of the efforts of so many, Labor holds government in Queensland and I believe that with the right campaign, we will win Dickson and Federal government. We cannot waste this important opportunity – we must ensure we hold government long enough to embed and institutionalise policy change that makes Australia fairer. We must address automation and transform our social safety net to support a transition from an economy based on manual labour to one based on knowledge work. Our party structure and policy platform are an essential element of Labor governing successfully for all Australians. These are shaped by conference delegates. As a delegate to conference, I will contribute to this vital work in support of strong, progressive Labor governments.



I have been an active member of the Labor Party for the last 7 years. As President of my local branch, Ferny Grove Keperra, I know firsthand the importance of grassroots activism and a party that supports it. In addition to working with my local branch and campaigns, I am the Vice President of the Queensland Labor Women’s Network and a member of Rainbow Labor’s Executive. These organisations have been at the forefront of some of Labor’s proudest progressive achievements, like the momentous marriage equality legislation last year. I hope this year we’ll finally decriminalise abortion in Queensland! I am a trained Social Worker and currently run a small business working with doctors and hospitals. I have coalface experience of the importance of proper funding for our hospitals and health sector, including for mental health. I will always fight to make sure our party supports this. I have been privileged to serve as your conference delegate for the past 4 years and would be honoured to do so again.



I’m an active member of the Labor Party, a delegate in my union, and a single mum. Recently, I was on the campaign committee for the state seat of Everton. I got involved in politics and my union because I knew that society wasn’t working the way it should. As an electrical engineer, I know that public ownership of electricity assets is the only way we can provide reliable, cheap electricity to the community. I am running to be a state conference delegate to make sure that our party stays committed to public ownership, delivering better services, and fighting for a more equal society. As a state conference delegate, I will push for a more progressive platform, a more democratic party, and more grassroots campaigning.



I have nominated to represent Dickson as a state conference delegate because I hope to make a real difference on the issues branch members in Dickson care about. At a time when the many Queenslanders are finding just getting by more and more difficult, I'm passionate about easing this stress and changing lives for the better. I strongly believe in Labor members having their voices heard so we can drive strong policies to protect working conditions, reduce the cost of living, make health services more accessible, improve aged care and aid global humanitarian efforts. With your support, I'm confident that together we can deliver real change.




Having moved to Albany Creek when I was 4, I grew up in Dickson and have watched our region grow. I was the Albany Creek SHS Captain, a state school boy through-and-through, and have developed an abiding commitment to winning the best possible deal for schools and universities.

I first got involved in politics following a conversation with Murray Watt, the then State Member for Everton, about ways to create a more equal society. Labor was then, and remains, the only choice. Since then I’ve become a party activist, union delegate, and now an adviser for Susan Lamb MP.

Having worked in retail, I know what it is like to be in insecure work and to rely on penalty rates. We all know the Labor Party is at its best when we protect people who are vulnerable. I’m running as a conference delegate because I want to make sure our party stays committed to building a more equal society.

Peter Dutton has held Dickson since I was 7 years old. I’m ready to fight alongside you and Ali France, armed with a progressive party platform, to ensure Labor is successful on the Northside.