Your Local Left Team In Brisbane


I’m running as a candidate for Brisbane in this State Conference delegate election. I passionately believe local branch members should have a strong voice in the decision making process of our great Labor Party. In recent years, we have been leading the fight for a more open and democratic party. We all know our party is at its best when it’s open, bigger and better able to fight for progressive values. I am a proud unionist who works everyday to give workers from a variety of backgrounds, who are some of the lowest income earners in our society, a strong voice. So many people are struggling to make ends meet. It’s really important the labour movement fights for a fairer go for everyone. I look forward to engaging with local branch members and fighting, on your behalf, for a democratic and progressive Labor Party, that puts people first.



I’m running to be your State Conference delegate because we need a strong and principled State Conference to build the reforms only Labor can deliver. I’ve grown up in inner North Brisbane – first next to the train line near Bowen Hills, and later in Spring Hill. Since joining the Labor Party in 2012 I’ve held leadership positions in Young Labor, Rainbow Labor and the Kelvin Grove Newmarket Branch, campaigning locally at a state, federal and council level. The Labor Party must constantly strive for the ‘light on the hill.’ It is not enough to be Liberal-lite, and I believe our party needs to take a strong stance on issues like health and education funding, environmental stewardship, supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians, and making sure that all of us – regardless of gender, race, sexuality, level of ability, socioeconomic status or how or when we came to Australia – can reach our goals.



I've been a proud member of the Labor Party since 1989 when I joined because of the attacks on civil society by the National Party. I have a passion for social justice and righting the wrongs brought about by those for whom money and power are more important than the rights of the individual. As President of the Kelvin Grove Branch, I know firsthand the importance of grassroots activism and a Labor Party that supports it. I'm passionate about provision of excellent palliative and end of life care for all Queenslanders who need it. If elected as a State Conference delegate I will work for increased funding for palliative care, and our vital Hospitals and Health Services. For me, this is all about values. Health, palliative care, as well as other social justice matters are critical parts of the Labor Party I love.



I’m excited to be running as a State Conference delegate for Brisbane. I live in Newstead and am a proud member of the Kelvin Grove Branch. I love the vibrant community we have here on the Northside and as a branch delegate I would seek to reflect this progressive spirit. Like many people, I got involved in the Labor Party after seeing the damage that the Newman Government was inflicting on working people in Queensland. Since then, I’ve been a dedicated student, branch and union activist and am now lucky to work in our Queensland Labor Government. I’m passionate about climate change, public transport, workers’ rights and getting women and young people more active in politics. My favourite thing about being a member of the Labor party is being able to affect real change driving reforms that make everyone’s lives better. I hope that this year some of that work will help us finally decriminalise abortion in Queensland!



I have been a member of the Labor Party for nearly five years, joining after our devastating loss at the 2012 State Election. I realised that if I wanted politics to change I needed to stop relying on other people to shoulder the burden and get involved myself. Since then, I have been a passionate activist for higher education, changes to our industrial relations legislation and abortion law reform. I have worked across multiple Labor campaigns and helped elect some fantastic progressive women to the Labor caucus. I believe that the strength of the Labor Party is in our grassroots activism and democratic processes where every member can help shape our party. That's why I'm running to be a branch delegate for State Conference.