Your Local Left Team In Bowman


I have lived in the Redlands with my family for over 40 years and have been a member of the Labor Party for nearly 30. I have worked in community organisations, and I have been very involved with social justice issues, particularly around domestic violence and homelessness. I feel that the Labor Party's social justice platform is incredibly important and is the only Party with the bravery and the passion to stand up for our society's most vulnerable. As a proud union member, I've campaigned for workers’ rights and women’s issues throughout my career. During my years as a Labor Party member, I have always been an active branch member and an active campaigner in elections. I've represented Bowman as a state conference delegate since 2007 and I have always voted to give more power to branch members at every opportunity. ih ae also voted for strengthening our industrial relations laws, protecting women escaping violence, marriage equality and so much more. I am running on my local Left ticket because I know that not only have we fought for these changes in the Party, we've delivered them.



I’ve spent the past few years fighting on both the floor of conference and the floor of parliament for Labor policies that reflect the needs of our community. Throughout my time as the Member for Capalaba, I have fought federal and local government to ensure our community gets the services and infrastructure it needs and deserves. In 2015, I successfully passed a motion at state conference that will protect the long term future of Straddie and its economy once sand mining ends next year. I’ve always stood up at conference for policies that protect and improve workers rights, build a world-class education system and provide the best healthcare system we can have. Every time I’ve been a conference delegate I have stood up for branch members to have a better say over how our party is run, supporting reforms that give our members a say over who our state leader and party president is. As a re-elected delegate, I will be part of a progressive team which will continue to build a party that engages with it’s members and ensures their views are listened to.



Five years ago, while working in the legal industry representing injured workers, I was astonished to witness the rights of workers rapidly deteriorate under the Newman Government. I recall the night that amendments were made to the Qld Workers’ Compensation Act and the working day that followed; it was in that moment I decided I wanted to be part of a movement that would genuinely support the rights of workers, job security and social justice. I am running as part of your local Left team because I know that they are fighting for and delivering policies that are protecting workers. Like changes ot industrial manslaughter legislation, cracking down on dodgy labour hire companies and protecting subbies who are left tens of thousands out of pocket by companies that collapse. We have fought ofr and delivered these changes. This is why I joined the Labor Party and why I'm part of the Local Progressive team.



Participating in community and work has been a core value all my life. As a worker I have always been involved with the Maritime Union of Australia, proudly representing fellow tradespeople as their elected delegate on the Brisbane Waterfront during many industrial struggles. Since then, I have never strayed from my passion and understanding for worker’s health and safety, and through my current professional life I've been able to persue my keen interest in environment policy as I've worked across the field with various engineering establishments. Following the 2005-2007 “Your Rights at Work” campaign, I became a founding member of the Ormiston branch of the Labor Party. I have served as an Oodgeroo SEC delegate and Vice President of the Bowman FEC. These roles, together with my personal experience, are what fuels my political interests and supports the progressive policies that I would feel privileged to take to state conference for you.



I joined our party because I know that only Labor can deliver a strong safety net, a better health system and the best education. As someone who has lived in the Redlands the majority of their life, I know that these are issues that locals in our community are concerned about and expect Labor to fight for, and as a conference delegate I will always stand up for these issues. Since joining the Labor party in 2014, I have had an active presence on the ground in Bowman, serving as Capalaba Branch secretary the past 3 years, and having recently managed Don Brown's successful state campaign. I also previously served as a field organiser for Kim Richards' federal campaign in 2016. I believe Labor needs to be a strong grassroots party that will always fight for the issues that matter to members. I believe we must continue opening up the party through better branch engagement and making the party more democratic. We need a strong, progressive team of delegates to ensure that Bowman can be heard and that the party moves in a positive direction in the future.



I look forward to continuing the fight for stronger branch representation in the decision-making process of our great party. I am committed to campaigning for more jobs in the renewable energy sector, stronger work place health and safety laws and fighting for affordable housing. I am committed to an inclusive party, with diverse representation that truly relects the community we represent. As your State Conference delegate, I have fought for and voted for industrial manslaughter legislation, affirmative action changes, getting 17 year olds out of adult prisons and a raft of other measures. I believe in electing representatives that have a proven track record of delivering progressives reforms within our party. That's why I'm running as part of your local Left team.



Over the past 12 years I have worked in Senator Claire Moore's office and I have spoken or communicated with many branch members across Queensland. I have been actively involved in my local area, which is the electorate of Bowman, where I have served in a range of roles and I have been active in election campaigning. I have always believed we need a fair, compassionate and equal society where individuals are valued and supported. We have all seen our party grow over the past 12 years and, while there have been advances in many areas of policy including affirmative action, LGBTIQ rights, renewable energy targets, increased actions around support for workers and their rights, there are still further opportunities for change. It is through the continued development of good policy we will continue to realise the changes we want and need across the nation. I have nominated to be a State Conference delegate and I would like to ask for your support.



I am currently the Member for Redlands in the Queensland Parliament. I am focused on driving forward economic development in the Redlands to support local businesses and create jobs. I've lived in the Redlands for over 20 years, and I have been lucky enough to raise my son in our magnificent region. Giving back to our community is important to me and it has been a privilege to give time to community groups and charities focused on advancing the status of women, eliminating domestic and family violence and homelessness. Before I was the Member for Redlands I was a committed member of my local branch, which is why I will always fight for giving rank and file members of the Labor Party a bigger say. I’m nominating as part of your local Left team because we have fought for policies like strengthening our industrial relations laws, a 50% renewable energy target by 2025 and affirmative action. What’s more, we delivered them. If elected as a State Conference delegate I can commit to representing Bowman to the best of my ability.



Since being elected as a State Conference delegate in 2014, I've supported some incredibly important reforms within Queensland Labor, from giving members a say over our state leader, to introducing effective affirmative action rules. I am asking you for your continued support so I can serve Labor members in Bowman for another term. I'll continue to support policy which is changing our party for the better, like I have over the past 4 years. I was proud to vote in support for changing our platform to include industrial manslaughter in the Criminal Code, supported dying with dignity, and a commitment to a just transition towards renewable energy, to ensure workers are taken care of. I will always fight for branch members having say in how our party is run, and I will work to ensure that progressive policy is at the forefront of what our party aims to achieve in government.