Your Local Left Team In Bonner


I believe our party is at it's best when we are driving progressive policy that has a meaningful effect on people's lives. We must always look to how we can do better and improve our policy direction. I am putting my hand up to be your voice at State Conference to advocate for our party's continued improvement in progressive policy and action. I want to help ensure that Queensland Labor is clear in its purpose and that we remain unmistakably distinct from our LNP and Greens opposition. I have been a delegate to State Conference for the last few years and I am very proud of my record: delivering stronger affirmative action rules that will see our party reach 50-50 gender representation in our parliaments before 2025, driving forward our party's commitment to the end of the criminalisation of abortion in Queensland, greater democratisation of our party, giving rank and file members a stronger voice, as well as key environmental and social policies. With your support, I will continue to advocate for the policies that matter and ensure the success of Queensland Labor in Government.



As a social worker by trade and now as a union organiser, I have worked with some of the most vunerable members of our community, to advocate and stand up for them. I believe that we cannot tackle inequality in our society until we tackle the inequality in our own party. We need State Conference representatives that will fight for members and branches on the bayside. We need to ensure that we have better structures and better resources to win elections and to ensure that our branches are community-orientated and driven by the many, not the few.



I am an active member of the Wynnum-Manly Branch. I currently hold the position of event coordinator and branch representative on the MEC. Through that role I have realised how important it is for all members of the Labor Party to have a say in the direction and decisions of our Party. I am also a member of Emily's List, the Fabians and the Labor Womens' Network. I am a teacher and I am passionate about equal and quality education. I am concerned with the rising inequality within Australian society and ensuring that the children I teach are offered the same rights and opportunities that I was affroded. I want to represent Bonner at State Conference, so I can fight on the floor to protect these policies and stand up for my students.



I am an active and passionate local member of the Labor Party, the President of the Queensland Labor Women’s Network and the Vice-President of the Wynnum-Manly Branch. I am also currently involved in the development of policy as a delegate to the National Policy Forum and I consult with many branch members to progress the issues raised through to conference. I have been actively involved in local government, state and federal elections, and I ran as the candidate for Bonner in 2013 and 2016. Together with my campaign team, we grew a strong branch member network and engaged with the local electorate to strengthen the party in the area. I am passionate about issues like education and the environment, that are not only important locally, but important to the future economic prosperity of Australia. You can count on me to stand up for our local branch members and those issues which are important to us here in Bonner.



I have been an active member of the Labor Party since 2013 and I have dedicated years to the area I live in to promote and advocate for progressive candidates and policy. I joined the Labor Party because it was the only party that is fighting for issues that matter to young people, like housing affordability and protecting quality education. During the last state election, I worked as a field organiser in a regional seat. I gained great campaign experience in volunteer recruitment through running doorknocking and phone bank activities and organising campaign events. I am excited to bring these skills to future campaigns on my home turf. I hope that you consider me for your vote as the youth delegate for State Conference. I am willing to work hard, to listen, and to bring issues that the youth of the party feel strongly about to the forefront of the discussion.



I am committed to grass roots political campaigning and giving a voice to branch members. As a qualified social worker, I have long held values of social justice, equality and human rights and I believe strongly in participatory democracy. I have been an active member of the Mansfield Branch for six years, regularly participating in branch activities and successive local, state and federal campaigns. Having worked extensively in the fields of disability services, child protection, housing and homelessness and youth justice, I am particularly interested in contributing to policy development in these areas.



My strong commitment to human rights and social justice have been at the centre of my involvement in the Labor Party. Over my 21 years of party membership, I have actively worked to ensure our policies promote social justice and fairness, particularly in the health and justice systems. I have spent most of my working life in service to this and was proud to be able to further these causes within my branch and through the Labor Party. I have nominated to represent Bonner as a state conference delegate to continue this work and to represent branch members who share our Labor values or fairness, democracy and social justice.