Your Local Left Team In Blair


I have lived and worked in the Ipswich region all my life and I have been an active member of the Labor Party for many years. I have stood shoulder to shoulder with Blair Labor Party members on many elections and campaigns. Over the years I have held numerous positions within the party and have worked hard to have Labor re-elected at all levels. I am also a trustee of the Ipswich Trades Hall and I am involved in the Queensland Community Alliance. I work as a Together organiser, standing up for union members everyday. This will translate into how I can stand up for the members of Blair. I am part of a progressive team who will engage with Blair party members to grow our party. We are committed to further democraticising our great party and engaging with new and existing members.



I have been a member of the Labor Party for 23 years and a trade union member my whole working life. I am Secretary of the Rosewood Branch and am seeking your support to become a state conference delegate for Blair. I have always been a strong supporter of the Labor Party and the trade union movement, having worked for a number of unions while raising my son as a sole parent. Over the years I have worked on numerous campaigns and am passionate about making a difference for people who live in our community. In my job I see the challenges facing everyday Queenslanders around cost of living pressures; unemployment, particularly for our youth, and access to quality health care and education. I am particularly passionate about issues around mental health; homelessness and the rise in incidents of domestic and family violence - all important issues facing our communities. If elected, I will work hard to make sure your voice is heard in these and other important issues.



I have lived in Blair since 2010 and I have been an active member of the Labor Party for many years. I have represented my branch on the FEC and SEC. I am also involved in several community groups and I will always stand up for my community in any capacity that I can. In 2017 I was the Labor candidate for Lockyer and although we didn't win the seat, we raised the profile of the party and I know that we will continue to gain ground in the community. I’m running as a state conference delegate because I want to continue to advocate for Blair Labor Party members. I want strong progressive policies that continue to move the party forward with an agenda of democratisation and fairness for all. We have a chance to continue the great changes we have seen over the past 4 years. You can ensure this happens by voting for me and my team.



I have lived in Blair nearly my entire life. I went to local public and Catholic schools and I now work in our community for Queensland Rail. I am a proud and passionate member of the Bundamba branch and I am determined to carry our message from branch meetings to party decision making forums. Everyday at work I see how our community members need a strong Labor government to make their lives even better - from affordable and accessible health care, to investing in TAFE and apprenticeships so my mates from school can get a job. I promise I will always listen, work hard and be a strong voice for our branch on conference floor. As a young member I hope to encourage other young people to be inspired to make a difference. I am asking for your support to help send me to state conference and to represent our views on conference floor.



I am a member of Redbank Branch. I’m asking for your support to be a state conference delegate for Blair. I’ve been an activist and campaigner for the Labor Party in western Queensland for more than a decade, making sure members outside Brisbane are heard in party decision-making. I’m currently the Chairperson of the Domestic Violence Action Centre and as a social worker I have worked with vulnerable families across Ipswich and our community. This is what drives me to want to be a state conference delegate. I’ve seen the difference the voices of community members can make at state conference and the policies we can get across the line. Over the last three years as a state conference delegate, I’ve been able to prioritise and gain conference support for key policy outcomes for our community, such as a treaty with traditional owners, the extension of the Springfield rail line, and a more progressive platform. If I am re-elected, I will push for a procurement policy that favours Ipswich, more accountability and transparency in local government, and better services and housing policies.